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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 23, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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we begin with all eyes on the weather as a winter storm threatens the d.c. metro this
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weekend. tom sater is in the weather center. >> good morning. the storm system approaching from the west and has a lot of land to cover and it will still be a major coastal storm with the potential to cripplele the area with heavy snow. but there is new information tonight that is very good, let's say it that way. here is the storm system right now. southern colorado, northern new mexico. so it has to cross the southern states and saturday night near northern florida, it will move northward past us up toward new england. how close to the coast means everything to us. much like last week's major storm it was track a or track b. track a is no problem and that's the one that went up to new england and still providing areas of snow for boston as we speak. and track b, if the storm hugs the coast, it looks like right now it's a stronger storm than last weekend and could easily
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produce 10 inches of snow with blizzard-like conditions. and today's news is good as mentioned. favoring track a over track b. however, let me remind you, that last weekend the models went back and forth day in and day out, taking it to the east and to the west. now eventually sticking with track a. and right now that seems to be what all of the models are pointing to now which is very good news. but let me tell you, we're dealing with nature so we have a few days to tweak this. >> that's the caveat. thank you, sir. and tonight in your only local news at 7:00. holiday travelers dealt with few waits at reagan national. rivalry renewed, the caps host the penguins. and firefighter under fire. d.c. fireman drives himself to the hospital after being shot in his suv. >> reporter: i'm delia gonsalves in northeast washington. police in the 5th district are trying to determine who shot a
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d.c. firefighter. 9 news now has learned d.c. firefighter deaunty taylor was assigned to truck number 10 in southwest washington before being placed on unpaid leave nine months ago. >> i don't know the circumstances involving with this leave status. >> reporter: however, we discovered the disciplinary action followed an arrest february 11th when the firefighter ran a red light in southeast. inside his gold nissan altima police found a bag of marijuana, one loaded semi- automatic handgun and in his coat pocket, $3,300 in small bills. police conducted a strip search and found no further evidence. he -- we know taylor was in a different car when he drove himself to the hospital overnight but it's still unclear where the shooting occurred. i'm brett haber at verizon center. eight days from now the caps and penguins will get together
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for the out door classic in pittsburgh. tonight a dress rehearsal. caps and penguins in d.c. and the first meeting of the year between the two archrivals. the caps have lost eight of the last ten and the penguins have won 14 of the last 16 but all of that is out the window tonight. >> whatever is going on leading toward the winter classic and playoffs, we're excited, it's a big game. >> we're going to bring our best and it's going to be an exciting game and a good one. >> it's going to be a great test of a quality team in our league and no doubt that, so it's an excellent opportunity for us to see if we're headed in the right direction. >> reporter: they will drop the puck and we'll have highlights and reaction at 11:00. i'm peggy fox at reagan national airport where passengers were in for a big surprise today. and i mean big. i mean red suit and beard big. only thing causing a stir at reagan national airport was the big guy in a red suit and his wife.
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the two were taking a break from wrapping presents at the north pole to greet passengers here. >> i think it's great. our flight is delays two and a half hours so it's wonderful that santa is here to bring christmas cheer to the otherwise impatient little lads. >> reporter: the other welcome surprise at reagan national was the lack of crowds. flights have been pretty much on time today and it seems everybody planned well. arriving with time to spare. >> i got here two and a half hours early thinking i would have a long wait but we were able to enjoy starbucks and do shopping. >> and a merry christmas to all, ho, ho, ho. well triple-a believed millions of drivers will hit the road and so if you are driving toward the northeast we want to remind you of the construction in delaware. remember the toll plaza in newark, traffic was so bad there over thanksgiving they suspended tolls for a minute or
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two trying to speed things up. meanwhile, the virginia department of transportation is taking steps to help reduce congestion. from now until noon on monday, there will be no new lane closures for construction or maintenance activity. v-dot is also removing the temporary work zones and the h.o.v. restrictions as well. and on 95 h.o.v. lanes are open to southbound drivers until 11:00 sunday morning. and before you head out the door check out we'll have the latest travel conditions for you. rome is on high alert after packages exploded in two embassies this morning. parcel bombs sent to the swiss and chilean embassies in rome injured two people who opened them. and an employee of the swiss embassy had one hand hurt and the other kurt and burned. three hours later the same happened to one package at the chilean embassy. it was call aid deplorable --
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called a deplorable act of violence. and a third suspicious package sent to the ukrainian embassy turned out to be harmless but experts say the incidents have raised fears of the possibility of more attacks over the holidays. one of the district's highest ranking police officials is back on the job tonight. just weeks after being put on administrative leave. chief cathy lanier had put assistant chief diane grooms on leave after allegations that groom's compromised a police exam. well now lanier said an internal investigation shows that didn't happen. instead, the chief said that exam was an open book test. police in howard county are warning motorists, beware of a police impersonator. last night the suspect stopped a person in jessup and robbed him. he asked the driver for his license and when the driver complied the imposter pulled a
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gun and kept the wallet and took the victim's car keys. the thief drove off in a gold or champagne colored chevy impala. the suspect is a white male about 6 feet tall with a stalky build and white shaved head. she said her husband wasn't trying to hurt anybody when he opened fire at a school board meeting. he did fire two shots at the school superintendent before being shot down himself by a security guard. he then took his own life. in an interview with the cbs early show his wife said he wasn't targeting anyone. >> he was not trying to hit anybody. he was just trying, in my opinion -- he wanted to scare them. he wanted them to get -- to get down. just from his body language
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alone, he honestly didn't want -- he didn't want to hurt anybody. >> police say duke's attack was not exactly spur of the moment. they found a calendar in his home with the date december 14th circled. still to come on 9 news now, santa claus boot the out of a florida mall? what could get chris cringle in so much trouble? and tensions grow between north and south korea and why the threat is -- and why the north is threatening a sacred nuclear war.
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tensions on the rise in the pacific. today south korea continued its live fire training exercises with tanks firing shells and jets dropping bombs just 20 miles away from the north korea border. but that country is not backing down. the north defense minister has threatened to launch a sacred nuclear war if provoked.
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virginia con res man jim moran and his wife are separating. that announcement from the office of the democratic lawmaker. this is his third marriage. it's bennett's second. she is a long-term mixture in the washington area business world. the two have been married for more than six years. rahm emanual's run for the mayor of chicago is now ago, for now. the board of election commissioners recommended his name be allowed to appear on the february ballot, despite two dozen people challenged his right to run. they argued he gave up his chicago residency when working for president obama and planned to appeal. students in allegany were trying to be too much like patrick swayze and jennifer gray. the principal has canceled the february sweet heart dance. the reason, the students ignored appropriate behavior guidelines. school officials say they are
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trying to crack down on dirty dancing at the school dances. so is the school right to cancel a dance because of dirty dancing. do the sexy gyrations lead to more? tell us more at mail bag at or jump over to our facebook page and join the conversation. coming up on 9 news now, are we in the bull's eye of the storm? tom sater will tell us. and how does the letter to santa find it's way to the north pole. the u.s. postal service lets us in on the secret when 9 news now comes back.
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hi. my name is erin thomas from the beautiful middle east. i want to say hello to my aunt, mysters, my friends john brown and sora from the sorority and everyone else in the d.c. area. merry christmas. miss you guys. every christmas kids stick their wish lists and letters to santa in their corner mailbox and trust that u.s. postal service will get it where it needs to go. for some, a true compass miracle is delivered. but how does that magic happen? karen capers shows how all of that mail makes it to the north
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pole. >> reporter: in an era when you can write on santa's facebook wall and track his progress on twitter, the old-fashioned method of reaching him through the postal service still endures. >> children all over write letters to santa and put them in the blue collection boxes or put them in their mailbox and they come to us. >> reporter: here in washington, d.c., before letters get to santa, they go through --serita bush. >> deer santa, i have been a good girl this year. >> reporter: the letters trickle in over the summer and through christmas. and the kids trust the post office will deliver the most important of the year in time. >> we get the mail out, so without an address being put on it, santa claus, i guess the kids just assume the post office knows where it goes. >> reporter: bush has helped with santa mail for years and
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she called this batch heartwarming and heart- breaking. >> they're asking for coats and boots and necessities they are used to having that they just don't have. >> reporter: the postal service operation santa matches some wish lists with generous little helpers in cities and communities nationwide. >> they come in and sit down and select a letter. >> reporter: even in tough times keeping the mystery of the north pole delivery alive for yet another year. >> and when you wake up on christmas morning and yes, he must have because that item that i asked for is there. >> reporter: in washington, i'm karen caper. >> and santa's partnership with the postal service dated back more than 100 years. if you would like to help out, go down to your local post office and fill out a participation form. well no happy holiday for a florida man who dresses up like saint nick to try to bring smiles to the faces of the kiddies. larry lester loved compass so much he grows his real beard white for a month to look like
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santa but all of that came to an end on tuesday when he was told to the boynton beach mall after wearing the santa suit inside. >> i get through shopping i go sit down on the bench and open my bag and put my jacket and cap on and my specs on and that's all i do is just sit there. >> well mall officials say they got some complaints from families in line to see the official santa, so security politely asked him to take the coat off and when he didn't do it after a couple of requests, he was kicked out. the mall said it's concern is for the welfare and for the safety of the shoppers. i guess only one santa per mall. who is that guy if this is santa? that's too much. a little too much. hopefully not too much snow. >> let us hope. santa and everything. >> this is one of those things, where the storm is still back in new mexico. so it's amazing that technology can even get us this close to begin with. but we're still talking about a major storm for the area or at
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least the potential there. the path means everything. give or take 100, 200, 300 miles, who will get snow or will we all miss out. good news tonight, computer models that we use to forecast are starting to agree and keeping it just off shore. now that's today's models. if you recall last week they went back and forth. more on that in a minute. today was a windy day. the winds would be the strongest that we've had all month long and this month was nothing but wind and cold. 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts at reagan national. so temperatures feel colder. these are air temperatures. 37 at reagan national. annapolis, patuxent river, and hagerstown at 31 degrees. this is how it feels when you factor in the winds. we had a number of areas today reporting peak wind gusts over 40 mile-per-hour. even reagan national, 41. 45 at dulles. you get around to some areas up to the north, washington, allegany county, 47 and winchester about 45 mile-per- hour winds. let's talk about the country. because many of you are
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expecting travelers coming in or you may be taking off somewhere too in the near future. we're looking good. this is just cold air. it's gripped most of the country. below freezing in atlanta and little rock and things are looking better with the rainfall that has been coming to an end in the southwest. good news for l.a. and san francisco, san diego, even to around phoenix. although there is another storm that is going to be moving in in a few days. that storm system is in colorado and producing heavy amounts of snow. great news for skiers if they are there. you might not be able to get there if you have plans. there is going to be delays in denver, des moines, minneapolis, and boston and la guardia. noon tomorrow and still looking at almost about 6-9 inches in the central parts of iowa toward illinois. and it extends toward washington. through new. light snow for christmas. a few flurries. we had the winds today and they will be with us tomorrow but start to subside a little bit
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and then watch the moisture streak in. this is not our storm system. this is a little disturbance that is gathering some moisture. new to the system and our forecast, that slides in. if it holds over the mountains on christmas day, maybe a dusting at the very most. most of this will get squeezed out but at least we'll have flurries. the storm system we are watching could come off the coast. two paths, one coast moving up toward new england, away from us, keeping snow out of the area. if the models want to bring it back, it could mean significant snowfall on i-95 northward to new england and that could be over 10 inches. but right now it takes everything off the coast but we'll keep you informed because these things, like last weekend went back and forth. and for christmas, light snow and a windy day tomorrow, high of 38 degrees and the forecast will -- we'll have that for you in a little bit, a chance of snow on sunday. >> well tom, you brought good news. we'll hope there is more tomorrow. all right. well six washington wizards players stepped in as santa
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helpers today. they dropped off wrapped presents to five d.c. families. now this is the robinson house and 3-year-old severn and serena lived with their grandmother. their mom died from an illness a couple of months ago and you might imagine when they arrived in the living room, there was excitement. >> it was a joy in my heart. >> their mom passed as a young age and i hope they have a great christmas and happy new year's. >> very blessed. thank you very much. >> thank you wizards. they delivered gifts as part of their 12 days of holiday cheer festivities. social workers picked the families from an application process. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mailed to mcginty's mail bag at mail bag at 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, president obama's year-end press conference was a bit too congrat lattory to some. do you really think it was smart to call a news conference and brag about it in face of the incoming republican members. think in football it's called taunting, in politics,
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political suicide. not the spirit of working together or compromise, is it? i hear you craig, but i can't feel you on this one. if the president doesn't take a chance to remind everybody how well he did, who else is going to do it? the new republicans are going to give him hell regardless, so why not toot your own horn while you still can. >> and over on the wusa 9 facebook page a lot of comments about the possibility of snow and what that might do to your holiday travel plans. bush raw said i'm supposed to be traveling on the 30th, praying that we don't git hit too -- get hit to hard. plans are in tact. and renee said traveling on the 30th it would be fine to get stuck there. and nicole in manassas is not worried. nope, i wasn't going anywhere any way. i'm hoping for a couple of extra days off. let it snow, let it snow. and from charity blackwell, i plan on traveling to the kitchen for some lamb and the dumpster to take out the trash
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and that's about it. and finally, we'll let ken speak for himself. you foul mouthed heaths, why are you using swearwords in your posting. do i have to call your the s cc? well as long as we're not saying it late sunday night, i'm okay. and our mail address is mail bag at that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00. we have the latest on the travel conditions and on the winter storm track so you'll want to be here or log on to any time. we'll see you later. bye-bye. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> the president goes solo? where he just touched down and why the first lady is nowhere in sight. >> hollywood on holiday. jackman, kidman, affleck. we got a lock on your favorite stars' location. >> in the latest news conan joins the sarah palin caribou controversy. why she's taking out a christmas classic. is jennifer aniston at war with new bff chelsea handler. >> paula abdul's life after idol. our exclusive preview. can her new show compete? >> you're a breath of fresh air. ♪ >> move over justin bieber. only we can reveal youtube's next star. ♪ time for you to seize the day ♪


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